Coran’s Quest

Coran’s Quest: Misterstourworm and The Kelpie’s Gift will be a 154 page graphic novel in 6 chapters. Each chapter will be released as a stand alone comic.

The image, left is a sample and potential cover.

The story of ‘Coran’s Quest: Misterstourworm and the Kelpie’s Gift’ is a powerful supernatural drama that draws together many of the monsters, heroes and magical creatures that inhabit Scottish folklore. The story is set in the mythical land of Tiree and focuses on Coran, a young boy. It tells of his great courage, his companionship and of his quest to free his people from the cruel sea monster Misterstourworm.

The tale begins in a village in the land of Tiree where the people gather to celebrate Lùnasdal, the late summer fire festival. Everyone is happy and enjoying the festivities. There are competitions and contests for children as well as to find the strongest man in the village. Near the end of an evening, a weak man staggers into the night-light and collapses. The people all rush to help him. With his dying breath he whispers, the monster is back!

After the loss of his father, Coran meets with King and Queen of Tiree and asks for the Kings blessing to fight and kill the monster, Misterstourworm. The King reluctantly gives his approval and Coran leaves on a quest that he surely cannot win. Coran’s friend Ulla and her grandmother summon the Faerie Queen and ask her to help Coran. The Faerie Queen visits Coran while he sleeps and she tells him that if he is to succeed, he must capture the Kelpie.

This is a story that weaves its way through battles, loss, companionship and strange alliances, an adventure where Coran and Ulla will be tested to their limit.

Four chapters are written for the graphic novel, two are fully drawn, with the third is nearly complete and colouring of the first chapter has begun.

Below are some sample pages: