Dan Fadil

‘Dan Fadil: First Light’ is the first in a trilogy of graphic novels by Croatian artist Tomislav Košta. Two years in the making, each panel on its 47 pages is an oil painting of intense colour and beauty.

‘Dan Fadil: First Light’ is set in a fictional land, long ago in a time when horses and ships were man’s only transport. The story focuses on Dan Fadil, an old monk recalling his turbulent life. When he was a young boy, his name was Lobel. He grew up in a town famous for its shipbuilding, the son of a master shipbuilder. Although the town is peaceful it soon becomes evident that war is raging in a land not too far away and Lobel’s two brothers are fighting in that war. When bad news reaches Lobel and his family, their tranquil life is shattered and thrown into turmoil. In desperation Lobel’s father takes things into his own hands, with terrible consequences.


Dan Fadil: First Light’ is available in digital format from ComiXology and physical form from Amazon