Adam Armit and Goce Cvetanovski founded Edinburgh based publishing company, Komic Brew in 2014. Our focus is on fantasy, mythology, SF and horror genres.

Adam first met Goce online when he was undertaking research. They quickly realised that they had a great deal in common and after a lot of talking, planning and plotting Komic Brew was born.

Adam has a background in music and in a past life was a flute player. He successfully established the first pop and rock music courses in Scotland. After twenty years in college he set up Circular Recordsand Circular Music. Titles are cross-genre from jazz, rock and Americana to hip-hop, electronica to ‘classical’.

Goce comes from a family of storytellers and artists, and his grandmother is a soothsayer. He bathed in fantasy stories from his early childhood, maintaining and perpetuating the family tradition by creating his own dreamscapes and putting them onto film and paper. With more than thirty films, two animations and three comic books to his name, he is a sleepless workaholic and occasionally your worst nightmare. He has given creative workshops at the European Film Academy ESRA in his home town of Skopje in Macedonia. Goce is also currently creative director of the newly founded Lynx Animation Studios, a 2D animation studio based in Panama and Macedonia.

The main focus of Komic Brew is publishing graphic novels, comic books, and comic strips with planned secondary activities including publication of board and card games. There is a small team of dedicated professionals, both in Scotland and Macedonia and this will develop and build with the company. Some of Macedonia’s finest artists are currently involved with Komic Brew.